Episode #11: Jordana Guimaraes (FASHINNOVATION)

Episode #11: Jordana Guimaraes (FASHINNOVATION)

Episode #11: Jordana Guimaraes (FASHINNOVATION)

In this episode we speak with Jordana Guimaraes, co-Founder and PR director of FASHINNOVATION, a startup that is the fashion world’s version of TED. An intersection between the fashion industry and the technology industry.

Jordana is fearless, she calls herself a “wild-spirit”. After high-school she decided not to take the college path and started experimenting with different jobs. For each job she figured out what the rules of the game are and then reached a level of performance that got her praises. But she was bored quickly.

At the age of 23 she wanted to find a job that would “stick” and she’d be passionate about. She went to Barnes & Noble, found an encyclopedia of “all jobs” and stumbled upon PR. It resonated and so she bought and read “PR for dummies”. She tells us how from that starting point she landed a dream PR internship working with tier-1 brands, and how as soon as she understood the PR world’s basic she proceeded to opening her own PR firm. In addition, she’s a philanthropist. She’s publishing her first book this month. It’s called “It can be you” and the goal of it is to give a face to homelessness. All profits from the book will go to charity.

Jordana is a real inspiration. She provides TONs of self fulfillment tips and tips on how to turn dreams into a reality.

She says that getting the right person on the phone and then creating rapport with them is like a game. She says you can’t speak to everybody in the same way. You have to adapt their energy into yours and you have to do the research before, in order to be able to conduct an informed conversation. Then, once you get the job (or close the sale for that matter), even if you don’t know exactly how to deliver, you can learn along the way as all knowledge is out there for you to google.

It’s all about humanizing situations.

We discuss the power of persistence, the importance of not being afraid of getting turned down, how failure is inevitable, the importance of having “life cheerleaders” and much much more.

Be sure to checkout the full interview. For more inspiration follow Jordana on Instagram @aclbyjojo