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THE STORY OF Real Life Superpowers

In this podcast, we speak with top performers and hear the uncut no-fluff version of their journey to the top. We learn what their superpower is, as well as their kryptonite. The goal of this podcast is to help aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders to get inspired and tap into their superpowers.

As entrepreneurs and businesspeople, we search for answers, How to be successful? How to overcome challenges? How to build the right strategy? The right marketing plan? How did others accomplish what they did?

We sometimes forget to look inside and ask ourselves the core questions such as Why am I doing what I’m doing? What advantage can help me do better than anybody else? What’s special about how I do things?

We believe there’s no such thing as overnight success, that success, although an agile term, requires being aware of your strengths and weaknesses. We believe that every person has a skill (or set of skills), a superpower. A unique capability that once acknowledged makes anything possible.



    Serial entrepreneur. Investor. Founder of numerous startups, some of which have exited. CEO and Founder at Entrepreneur lab. Director. Endless creator. TwitterLinkedIn


    Co-Founder, CEO @ BOLD Digital Architects - an award-winning digital marketing agency helping businesses grow. Co-Author of the Amazon No.1 best-seller "The Smart Marketer's Guide to Google Adwords". Entrepreneur, board member, and podcast addict. TwitterLinkedIn

  • Kevin O'Shea

    Podcast producer based in Ireland. With over 20 years of professional experience, he has been with Real Life Superpowers from the very beginning in 2018. Kevin is also a keen musician and has published five books on the subject to date.