Episode #26: Eugene Levin (SEMrush)

Episode #26: Eugene Levin (SEMrush)

Episode #26: Eugene Levin (SEMrush)

In this episode we speak with Eugene Levin, the Chief Strategy Officer at SEMrush, a software solutions company that offers online visibility and marketing analytics data to over 5,000,000 registered users. 

He’s super analytical and pragmatic, making very calculated and aware choices but at the same time super-intuitive and follows his heart. His career path is quite extraordinary.

We discuss:

– His unique journey from being an engineer in Russia to becoming a successful investor (and partner in several VCs), then founder of several startups to now a c-level employee at SEMrush. 

– His investment philosophy.

– When things go right, what bears more profit potential – being an investor or a startup founder?

– His decision making process with respect to his career 

– What makes a good team

– And much more

Anyone considering their next step or curious about the world of investing can find inspiration in this episode.

We hope you enjoy your listen!