Episode #34: Liron Rose (the investor in Israeli unicorns)

Episode #34: Liron Rose (the investor in Israeli unicorns)

Episode #34: Liron Rose (the investor in Israeli unicorns)

‎”I like founders who are trying to solve a problem they have personally. They’re facing some kind of a challenge, they don’t find a solution, they don’t have a product that solves it, and they say – ok, I’m going to find a way to make this problem go away for myself. What usually happens later is that as soon as they do that and find a solution, they find out that there’s a product market fit. They’re not the only ones with this kind of a problem, there’s more people on the planet who are facing this same problem.”

In this episode we speak with Liron Rose, also known as the investor in Israeli unicorns. 

He’s a serial entrepreneur and investor, with a few unicorns under his belt. His portfolio includes companies such as Similarweb, Kenshoo, Dynamic Yield, Fiverr and many more. 

He’s the co-founder of After Download, a company he grew from 0 to 30M in revenue in 3 years. In 2013 he sold it to Iron Source for 28M. 

He’s the founder and CEO of the Techstars Israel – the local branch of the prestigious global Fintech accelerator. 

He does business consulting for global companies helping startups that are raising capital.

We discuss:

• What makes a growing startup promising from an investor’s perspective

• The importance of the team that comprises a startup

• The x-factor

• Liron’s journey to becoming a leading investor, and the unconventional career choices he made along the way

• The importance of being a pioneer 

• Risk mitigation 

• The endowment effect (more painful to lose something you already had than not gain it in the first place)

• Much more!

He’s very modest and there’s a lot that entrepreneurs can learn about what investors are looking for, by getting this unabridged peek inside his head. 

We hope you enjoy your listen!