Episode #74: Prof. Ehud Menipaz (Academic Leader, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker)

Episode #74: Prof. Ehud Menipaz (Academic Leader, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker)

Episode #74: Prof. Ehud Menipaz (Academic Leader, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker)

In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with a special guest—Prof. Ehud Menipaz. Not only is he an international academic leader and a leading figure in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, but he also happens to be Ronen’s father, which adds a special dimension to this conversation.

Prof. Menipaz’s career spans several impressive roles: a former senior partner at Ernst & Young International, a Professor Emeritus at Ben Gurion University, and an esteemed author and lecturer.

His expertise stretches across aeronautical, mechanical, and industrial engineering, all the way to business administration. He’s significantly influenced academic and professional communities worldwide, serving on prestigious forums under the leadership of global leaders like U.S. Presidents and even Russia’s Putin. 

He chairs the Board of Governors at The National Association of Engineers, Architects, and Academics in the Technological Sciences and has played a pivotal role in advancing science literacy globally. 

He’s also deeply involved in fostering young entrepreneurs through initiatives like Junior Achievement-Young Entrepreneurs Israel.

We discuss:

  • Entrepreneurship research and its impact on local economies
  • Gender inequality in tech and entrepreneurship, with insights on innovation in academia
  • Innovating in academia through an entrepreneurial mindset and tapping into relevant issues
  • The importance of tenacity and focus
  • How to maintain Jewish identity and pride in the face of global anti-Semitism
  • The potential of a small group of people with diverse skills to contribute to the world’s future
  • And much more

We hope you enjoy your listen

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