Episode #4: Yariv Bash (Flytrex)

Episode #4: Yariv Bash (Flytrex)

Episode #4: Yariv Bash (Flytrex)

In this episode we speak with Yariv Bash, co-founder and CEO of Flytrex, a leading consumer drone company and founder of Space IL – an Israeli non-profit that in December 2018 will launch a spaceship to the moon making Israel the 4th nation to land a spaceship on the moon.

Yariv is always in motion, he always has something he’s working on, he’s persistent and an endless optimist (which is probably his superpower). He’s taken on the most ambitious projects with a goal of influencing entire generations and making a dent in the world. He lives to solve problems and he believes he can take on almost anything , especially if it’s a challenge that was solved before.

With respect to landing a spaceship on the moon, I asked him, how did you gain that confidence? How did you know? I mean you must have had some doubts..

His answer teaches a lot of his relentless mindset “So, it’s a problem that has been solved on a bigger scale with more funds nonetheless, but still, the first time it was solved was back in the sixties…”

I interrupt “yeah, solved by countries” but he doesn’t get confused “you know, the difference between individuals and countries is always shrinking”

We learned that one of the keys to success is to believe to the verge of stupidity and despite other people’s skepticism BUT to always validate and have a plan b (and c, and d)

“I found myself surrounded by people who don’t think anything can stop them”. What a magnificent state of mind. We know we’re going to work on this attitude. We hope listening to him will help you too.

You can follow Yariv’s work on:
flytrex.com/ and