Episode #54: Oded Barak CEO & Co-Founder Five Sigma

Episode #54: Oded Barak CEO & Co-Founder Five Sigma

Episode #54: Oded Barak CEO & Co-Founder Five Sigma

In this episode, we speak with Oded Barak.

Having identified a need in the insurance landscape, he left a promising career as an executive in leading global corporations, to co-found his startup Five Sigma. To date, they’ve raised $26 Million USD, and dozens of insurance carriers and Insurtechs use their solution.

We discuss:

  • The motivations of stepping outside of your comfort zone and walking away from a stable career to “hunt your own food”. 
  • Identifying a supply and demand gap and doubling down on it.
  • The importance of experimenting and testing ideas, embracing uncertainty, and navigating with it as a given.
  • The power of agility, paying attention to feedback and not sticking to a “set in stone” plan.
  • What you need to consider in your go-to-market strategy.
  • How to work your way up to tier-1 clients for your startup.
  • Navigating stress.
  • Actively seeking blind spots.
  • And much more!

Enjoy your listen!

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